The Opal Recovery Home
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NA, Calle Eliseo Grullon, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic View on map
Recovery Description

Professional post operative care whet your comfort and recovery is our top priority.

We provide 24hr. bilingual nurses that will provide professional round the clock care as you recover. We offer well balanced nutritional meals prepared by our professional chef to include special requests for special dietary needs, Our staff also includes a full time doctor, massage therapist, cleaning services, and drivers.

We have our own in House Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber that helps heel your body using 100% oxygen that will speed up your recovery and healing process. It helps heal wounds, burns, bruises and infections.

Recovery Types
  • Post – Surgical Recovery

Recovery Amenities
Air Conditioning
Hospital Bed
Meal Service

Check-in Time
03:00 PM
Check-out Time
12:00 PM

Recovery Policy
  • Aphrodite Recovery Retreat
    Aphrodite Recovery Retreat, herein referred to as "Aphrodite," represents an exclusive luxury service meticulously crafted to facilitate mental and physical convalescence subsequent to outpatient cosmetic surgical interventions. It is imperative to underscore that Aphrodite does not constitute a medical establishment; its ambit pertains to convalescence support rather than medical provision. The decision to engage with Aphrodite's services is predicated on convenience rather than medical necessity. The fundamental role of Aphrodite encompasses orchestrating recovery, vigilantly monitoring progress, and faithfully executing the directives imparted by attending physicians. Key Tenets Acknowledged: Aphrodite does not operate as a medical institution; rather, it functions to streamline recuperation and implement medical instructions. The mantle of medical care remains irrevocably vested in the attending surgeon who executed the surgical procedure. Sole authority to proscribe pharmaceuticals and gauge the suitability of outpatient convalescence resides exclusively with the treating surgeon. The treating surgeon singularly retains the prerogative to orchestrate post-operative medical interventions and, in the eventuality, recommend hospitalization as deemed necessary. Determination of requisite post-operative convalescent measures, including the appropriateness of discharge to non-medical environs such as Aphrodite, falls squarely within the purview of the treating surgeon. In recognition of potential post-surgical unsteadiness, it is incumbent upon the individual to seek assistance for the initial 24-hour duration. Furthermore, while under the influence of analgesics, the individual is enjoined to remain ensconced within Aphrodite's recovery suite unless accompanied by a confidant, a kin member, or an Aphrodite nursing professional. A conscientious obligation is incumbent upon the individual to liaise with the treating surgeon antecedent to the surgery date to attain unequivocal sanction for the employment of over-the-counter and prescription medications during the sojourn at Aphrodite. Strict adherence is mandated to transporting solely those over-the-counter and prescription medications ratified by the treating surgeon to Aphrodite's precincts. All approved medications, encompassing both prescription and over-the-counter variants, are to be judiciously amalgamated within a solitary MEDICATION BAG and securely lodged within the facility's designated safekeeping repository. Indemnification and Profound Understanding: This covenant entails a solemn undertaking by the undersigned individual to indemnify and hold Aphrodite, together with its proprietors, agents, officers, directors, employees, and affiliated entities, unassailable against any claims, liabilities, costs, and encumbrances arising from non-adherence to the stipulated medication protocol. The subscription to this agreement is ratified by an individual of lawful age and unimpaired mental acuity, devoid of any undue influence, and premised upon the veracity of all provided information.

Double Bed Shared Room Number 1
2 Beds
2 Patient
1 Additional Guest
Confirm your stay by making a deposit payment.
Private Bedroom Number 2
1 Beds
1 Patient
1 Additional Guest
Confirm your stay by making a deposit payment.

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