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Who can be a host on Recovery and Retreats

Any recovery facility, wellness retreat leader, or activity leader can apply to list on Recovery and Retreats. We do have an in-house vetting process you will need to pass that we use to protect our users and ensure that all of our listings have an acceptable level of safety, cleanliness, and business professionalism.

How do fees work on Recovery and Retreats?

There’s no fee to list your Recovery Facility or Retreat. Once a customer books a recovery facility or retreat, there is a standard commission. We will take a small 10% Recovery and Retreats Commission. Partners also cover the credit card processing fees which add on a total of about 4%.

How do I get paid?

All funds are held until the day of the booking/event. After the first day of the booking/event, you will see a green checkmark appear beside the booking in your account. At this time, you can click the icon to request your payout for that booking. Funds will then be dispursed via your connected Paypal or Stripe account.

Can I talk directly with people who inquire?

Recovery and Retreats has a few ways to speak to customers through the site.

  • First, we have a messaging service that will allow logged-in customers to communicate with Partners from within their Account Dashboard. You will see these messages under Inbox Notification in your Partner Dashboard.
  • You may receive messages from the form on your Business Profile page - these will show up under Business Inquiry in your Partner Dashboard
  • Lastly, a customer may message you from your Retreat, Recovery, or Activity listing page. You will see these inquiries under their respective Management Tabs, So if you have a retreat, you would see them at Retreat Management / My Retreats/ and click the teal icon with the question mark beside it next to your listing. 

Can I control my own listing?

Once approved, you’re in full control of your availability, prices, Recovery Facility, and Retreat rules, and how you interact with guests.

Does Recovery and Retreats act as a surgical facilitator?

No, we do not. We provide a platform for you to list your Recovery Facility or Retreat only. We do offer facilitator services through our corporate offices. Please visit us at to learn more.

Can I add taxes, my own PayPal fees, etc. on top of the recovery facility and retreat price (without being charged commission on it?)

We advise you to set the total retreat price considering fees, taxes, and commission. We charge our commission on the total recovery facility and retreat price and it is the same process for all recovery facility and retreat owners – we love transparency.

That being said, the total recovery facility and retreat price should always include everything you need to cover on your end, be that taxes or payment fees that occur when you receive a direct payment from a guest (rather than through us).

What happens if a booking is cancelled by us or the customer?

Recovery and Retreats allows you to decide for your business what your cancellation policy will be. In the set up of your listings, you have the opportunity to set the time period users must cancel by as well as the amount they are entitled to get refunded. This setting is then displayed on your listing as your cancellation policy. Please note that the Recovery and Retreats company cancellation policy allows free cancellations for all users in the first 24 hrs. After this time, the partner cancellation policy will come into effect and any cancellations are subject to the platform fee of 10% of the total booking cost for any booking canceled after the first 24hrs.

What if I need help creating my Listing?

If you run into some problems and can't find an answer in our FAQs, we can help you resolve your issue. Send us an email at explaining your problem and with your contact info and we will get back to you.

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