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Recovery and Retreats is a dynamic new platform created for the conscientious medical tourism, health and wellness traveler. We are on a mission to meld the ultimate wellness of the body, mind, and soul by providing a unique environment where one can  research and book their own recovery facilities, wellness retreats, and activities from across the globe, all in one convenient locale. Welcome to a whole new level of medical tourism.

Meet Our
Leadership Team
The genesis for Recovery and Retreats started in 2016 while looking at the possibility of starting a recovery facility within the family.
In the search for more information about what they are and how to start one, the lack of easily findable information was frustrating. This sparked the idea for a platform that would be a single destination for people to be able to do their own research and booking of a recovery facility without the need for hours of investigation across multiple websites.
I realized that I would need help to bring this idea to fruition, and turned to my coworker and mentor, Robbie O’Quinn. She thought the idea was interesting and agreed to help with the initial idea and concept. In 2018, she came on board full time.
It has been a long road full of ups and downs, and learning to overcome hurdles. Through it all we kept working, learning, and evolving the company through to the launch of the next phase of our business, RecoveryandRetreats.com. We are so happy you are here!
Minelsa Del Rosario
Founder of CSTAR International
I am a Technologist, digital producer, strategist, and design professional. For over 15 years I have worked with successful local and global media brands both online and in print environments. I gained extensive experience in design, production, streamlining processes, and execution of both online and print marketing campaigns.
While I always thought of myself as Entrepreneurial at heart, it was not until the idea of CSTAR International and my partnership opportunity with Minelsa came along that I took the jump to finally make it a reality.
While this field and industry was new to me, I could see the vast potential in it, and the passion of its creator inspired me to join her in working towards the goal of creating something new and fresh that focuses on total body health & wellness, safety, and simplicity of use for our users. Recoveryandretreats.com is that goal fulfilled.
Robbie O'Quinn
Co-Founder of CSTAR International
I formerly worked with Minelsa and Robbie at a large media brand and was delighted when they asked me to help them with copy editing. I have decades of editorial experience in the life sciences, primarily focused on basic research and drug discovery and development.
Helping CSTAR’s top-notch writers shape their contributions into informative, easy to read and understand, as well as practical guidance for readers has been an eye-opening and rewarding task.
Tamlyn Oliver
Reyson joined CSTAR in 2019 as our media production manager, he is responsible for all the wonderful visuals, photography, and videos you see across all of our platforms. Trained in Audiovisual Communication at PUCMM in the Dominican Republic, he is an audiovisual producer and film director.
He has worked in numerous audiovisual projects of different kinds including event and commercial production, promotional videos, and documentaries. He has extensive knowledge in digital marketing, social networks, and audiovisuals, mainly in the health sector.
Reyson Lizardo
Media Production Manager
Elora joined CSTAR in 2020 as our new surgical coordinator. Elora is a psychology student, a fun, spontaneous, optimistic, diligent, and helpful person who is there to help you along your surgical journey. With her past experience as an administrative assistant to a plastic surgeon, she is a welcome addition to the team.
Elora Tifas
Surgical Coordinator
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